Thursday, July 29, 2010

Giving it another shot

I am at it again. You would think I would get a clue. Take the hint. Nope. Not me. If you don't know me well, let me tell you - I am stubborn if I am nothing else ( I do hope I am something else though. That would be really sad to just be stubborn.)

You already know that on my journey to getting healthy, I have discovered many things, including running. When I start to get down on myself, just the fact that I can run the distances I have, is enough to boost my confidence a little bit. I have always been an athlete, but I have never been a runner.

Until now.

I am once again, training for a half marathon. There was a lot of disappointment for me in April and June when the two big races I was training for couldn't happen. In April, I was supposed to run my first half marathon. I had been training, and it was supposed to be great practice for the marathon I was planning to run in June. Unfortunately, my body had a totally different plan.
In March, my back went out which destroyed my training for the half marathon and in May - when I ran the Seahawks 12k, I apparently suffered a stress fracture, but didn't know it - which turned into a full on break 7 days later when I tried to do my 10 mile training run. I tried to tell myself that I could still run the marathon even though I had missed 5 weeks of training. Then, as I slowly returned to reality - I realized that this wasn't going to happen for me this year. My friends and team mates tried to convince me to walk the marathon, but to be honest - I had no desire to walk it. I already knew I could walk it - I wanted to accomplish something I wasn't sure I could.

I cried every morning the week leading up to the marathon. I had tons of friends and team mates post their times and pictures when the race was over. I was happy for them, but so incredibly bummed for myself. I tried to let it all go. I tried to tell myself that it really didn't matter to me if I ran a half marathon or marathon in my lifetime. Here's the thing...

I do care.

I want to do this.

I want this victory for me.

So I am training again. My sister and I are planning to run a half marathon on September 26th. I hope my back and my feet can handle it. We are wrapping up our second week of our training schedule and so far everything seems fine. This weekend, Kara and I are running in The Torchlight 8K race. For those of you that don't know - and 8K is about 5 miles (4.97 to be exact) - and please don't feel bad - I had to Google that.

It should be fun.

Right now I am telling myself, that if my body breaks while I am training for this run - I will let it all go. I will move on from running and find something else. Unfortunately, as I mentioned earlier, and is evident by the fact that I am even training for this race - I am pretty stubborn, and stubborn rarely equals wise.

Wish me luck!

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  1. You are not the only one in our family who is stubborn sista!! I can feel my age when I run these days. I never use to have all the aches and pains that I do now, and I've always been a runner. I hope both of our bodies cooperate for this so we can support each other. I think this will be the last time I run this often and these distances. But like you, I want to prove to myself that I can still complete a half marathon in my old age of 30 (almost 31) I love you sis. And I'm so glad we get to share in this together.