Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Pretty Panties (and a few other things...)

I have noticed lately that I don't have much to say. I am not sure why that is. TONS of stuff is happening - and I want to share, but for some reason I just can't seem to find my voice.
I was thinking this morning about all of the things that have changed. Not just in the last two years - although those changes are the most noticeable, but over the years in general. I feel a little like I have sort of calmed down a bit. I used to be lots of drama all the time. Everything had a story. Everything was a big deal. I had to tell everyone everything. I think my friends and family would agree - that has been one area of change for me - and honestly improvement. I think my Mother-in-Law took the brunt of all of that drama. Jeez! That must have been exhausting. Sorry Elaine!
The new me desires a life with a lot more privacy. A quieter life at home with my family, whereas before I couldn't stand to be home. I always wanted to go somewhere, talk to someone. What was I searching for?

Here are a few other things I have noticed that are different about me:

1. I could live in dresses and skirts. This is definitely new. When I was big - I can't remember EVER wearing a dress or skirt. My favorite comfy outfit these days is a skirt from JCREW and a white tank top from the Gap. Don't forget the flip flops. LOVE LOVE LOVE to wear flip flops!

2. I own cute panties. I know this might seem silly - but to be honest, I never bothered before. Chad doesn't care, and neither did I. Besides, plus size panties are expensive!

3. I couldn't run a block...let alone 7 miles. I think this is HUGE. Bigger than I realize most days. Chad says I am crazy for running so much...but secretly I think it bugs him that I now can literally run circles around him.

4. I used to HATE sex. I don't anymore. That's all I am going to say about that...

5. I have learned how to bite my tongue. I don't want or need to have a comment about everything. The people that know me best, know when I am holding back - but I have definitely learned that I don't always have to speak up.

6. I have learned how to say "no." I have learned that there has to be times when there is nothing on the calendar. That staying in your jammies all day is sometimes the best plan ever.

7. I have learned that somethings just aren't worth my energy.

9. I don't mind wearing a swimsuit.

10. Sometimes I look in the mirror and think that I am pretty.

What else has changed??? I'm not sure - I would have to ask my friends. Anyone???

*picture was taken from the Victorias Secret website. I love their stuff!! I'm just sayin....


  1. Sometimes the simplest changes are the best ones. I agree with a lot of these and even though we don't spend as much time together as we used to, I've noticed a difference, too. You seem much more content and chill. I like the new you. Yay for cute panties!

  2. Proud of you nar nar! I think the lord is doing an overhaul on you, even though I thought you were great before all of this! He is molding you and shaping you into his perfect image, step by step. I have noticed that you have seemed more calm when we have talked and that is a great thing for sure! Good job on getting the cute panties and I disagree that Chad doesn't care if you gave him a choice! Enjoy all the wonderful changes and don't expect perfection, we are all a work in progress! Love you!!

  3. I think those are great changes and even if not...great things to be proud of!!!! You made me laugh at some of them...not at you but how true some are!
    By the way those are super cute panties