Tuesday, September 7, 2010

It's not you, it's me...

My only purpose for blogging was to talk about weight loss, exercise and the emotional struggles and victories that go along with that. I have really loved blogging. I have met so many great people, heard so many great stories and been inspired myself.

For now - I am done. I don't feel inspired to blog about the week by week changes my pregnant body is going through. I do plan to finish my journey of weight loss and health, but for obvious reasons, this isn't my story right now.

I will keep reading the blogs that inspire me - and I pray for all of you frequently. Thank you so much for reading, and following and praying. Your continued prayers for a healthy pregnancy and baby are so appreciated.

Thank you for making blogging such an amazing journey....


PS. It wouldn't be fair of me to just bail on y'all - so I promise to update you on the important stuff - like gender and birthday. Once baby is born, maybe we can pick up where we left off.


  1. I so understand. :) I'll be praying and look forward to updates. Hope everything goes smoothly.

  2. Good on you ..... thanks for sharing your journey so far and I look forward to any updates that pop up. Hope all goes well on this next journey. Sending you hugs and warm wishes to you and your family.