Thursday, March 25, 2010

everything went fine...

So, last night was my first counseling session. I am seeing a counselor that was recommended to my by my doctor - and man is she impressive. If you are curious, you can check her out at The picture on her website does not do her justice! She has quite a resume, and I know she is more than qualified. But beyond that, she made me feel SO comfortable and safe. It was so refreshing. I am not really sure what I was expecting from last night - but it was fairly anti-climactic, which is how the first session should really be.

Gina had some fantastic thoughts for me. I defiantly have to unpack them a little bit - and once I do, I can't wait to share.

Something funny that happened last night: when she brought me up to the room - she had this cute little sitting area set up with a wicker love seat, arm chair and a stool. She told me to pick whichever I was most comfortable in. The love seat was my preference - but I didn't pick it because it was facing the wall covered in mirrors (this room is also where she teaches yoga.) I chose the wing chair because it was bigger than the stool - but after a few minutes, I couldn't stand it anymore. I really wanted to sit cross leg but didn't want to see myself in the mirrors. At that point, I proceeded to rearrange her furniture so that the love seat was no longer facing the mirrors. She was great (took a lot of notes...that could be bad.) At any rate, I felt right at home and proceeded to talk her ear of for the next 55 minutes!

Thanks for all the prayers...they worked!


  1. AWEsome! So glad she put you at ease and you were able to open up to her. Sounds like you are going to do just fine with counseling. Your friends and family are going to be blown away when all of you is healthy and happy. Can't wait to find out you have tons of mirrors in your house too!
    Also can't wait to find out how she helps you!

  2. I hope you find healing for your broken heart. Her office is a safe place to lay everything out there. Don't hold back due to fear. May God grant you peace and understanding, Open ears and eyes, hope and love, faith and healing.

  3. She sounds awesome, Just like you!

    Great job!!


  4. I had to laugh when you rearranged her furniture. I'm glad you had the guts to make yourself as comfortable as you needed to be. Proud of you!!! XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO Momma

  5. Jetta,

    I am so glad you are following my blog now. I AGREE with you so much. I love REAL blogs written from the heart and like an open book. I try to do that in my blog. I know we are just over dosing on fun right now as we always do when we do the snowbird thing, coming from a cold miserable winter to a hot place like Yuma. We are with our friends, and we put all that home stuff on the back burner for 6 months. Soon we will be back to balance and the everyday stark reality of life and its ups and downs. I hope you visit often as I will with your blog. Excuse all my curses from time to time but it is just who I am and I want my blog to show our footprints here while we are here!