Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Happy Birthday Hope!!!

On July 4, 2004, Chad and I found out we were pregnant. We were cautiously optimistic because we had been working with a doctor who thought she had figured out the reason we had lost so many babies. With the exciting news, we took Isaac, met up with some friends and watched the fireworks down by the water.

4 days later, I lost the baby. My due date would have been March 11, 2005.

While I dealt with my loss, not too far away from where I lived, a woman learned she was pregnant too. She didn't want this baby and was prepared to abort. The babies father talked her out of it. This woman struggled through the whole pregnancy. She struggled with a drug addiction, alcohol addiction and even attempted suicide just days before delivering a perfectly healthy baby girl.

Hope was born on March 10, 2005.

The irony of my due date and Hope's birthday has never escaped me. It still to this day gives me goosebumps. THIS was my baby, my little girl. The one He was preparing me for. She didn't come as I had planned. It was never what I had imagined, but now, I can't imagine it any other way. She was created for our family. Pure and simple. Praise God!

Happy 5th Birthday Hope!


  1. Awww, this is so sweet, God does work in mysterious ways...Happy Birthday Hope!

  2. I can't believe she's 5 already! Happy Birthday Hope!

  3. That is so very very sweet Jetta! I never knew! She is such a beautiful girl and so lucky to have such a wonderful family!!

  4. Love you girlies in that gorgeous picture ... Happy Happy 5th, Hope! We are so glad you were born!!


  5. This is such a beautiful story, thank you so much for sharing. Your little Hope a sweet little blessing. Praise God!


  6. What a precious story! My sister has two adopted children and you are right....she were created just for you. Because God knew she was going to need you for a mommy! You are the person God has chosen to teach her and train her to be the Godly young woman she is intended to be.
    Happy Birthday, Hope!
    Happy Birthday, Mommy!

  7. It's so amazing to think that 5 short years ago Hope came home to her family! I still remember Chad holding her and she would look at him with such wonder and love. Isaac has always been her adoring brother. When she heard your voice and saw you, her mom, it was obvious that you belonged to each other. God truly has blessed your whole family.

    Happy 5th Birthday Hope!

    Love, Kathy & Don

  8. You know what I think is even cooler? She looks just like you.


  9. What a beautiful story. I too was adopted and My birthday is March 9th, my mom is March 10th and I was given to my parents on March 12th. What a beautiful month for all. She was meant for you and your family to love one another. A blessing!
    She even looks like you (a bonus).
    Happy Birthday to you all.


  10. She really does look like you :) God doesn't leave out any details.