Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Age is just a number...

That's a saying we hear alot. It struck me this week after a conversation I had with my Aunt on Saturday.

My Aunt and I were talking about my weight loss. I shared with her the goal weight of 160. I explained that my doctor had decided that was a good goal weight for me. My Aunt nodded knowingly (she is adorable)and then asked me how much I weigh now.

There was a day, when that was rude to ask. You never ask a lady how old she is or how much she weighs. That's what we teach our kids right?

The reality is, my weight is out in cyber space for anyone to know - whether they care or not. So I answered..."180."

She gasped. "You still weigh that much?!"


"You don't look like you weigh that much..."

Again. Seriously??

Fortunately, when I started blogging, I left my super sensitive feelings at the door.

What does 180 look like? What does 286 look like? We all know what it looks like for me -but those fairly random numbers will look COMPLETELY different on each and every person on this planet. I am 5'6". I wear 180 much differently than someone who is 5'2".

So this is my point. I doesn't really matter what the scale says. Just like age - it's really just a number. Go for the weight that represents the very best you... and then wear that well.

It probably wouldn't hurt to learn a lesson from my Aunt... Love her to pieces but REALLY???


  1. I actually take it as a compliment when people say things like that... When I was overweight I would tell people my weight or how much I wanted to lose, and would get the same reaction; they would be really shocked. I didnt mind too much, though... I was glad that I didnt look as big as that number made me feel. And, like you said, the actual number really doesnt matter. I tend to set lower goal weights for myself than actually would be good for me. I get so caught up in wanting to weigh less, that I tend to forget about my body type and that it just might not be possible or healthy for me. Anyway, the 180 doesnt matter. What matters is that you're wearing a size 8 or 10 or whatever it is now, and that you look great! And, even more than that... you feel great! :)

  2. I can't tell you how many people would say to me,,'you were 250 pounds? You couldn't have been that big?" Ok. whatever!

    Now I'm getting, 'oh you don't want to lose anymore weight do you?"

    Like hello!

    The scale and I have had issues. I'm glad to say that it no longer controls me. Ya, it used too! What can I say.

    I have my goal weight. I'm going to reach that goal, with or without the 'peoples' approval. I'm done allowing others opinions to sway me towards my destination...


  3. I forgot to mention, what you talked about height, I totally agree. My girlfriend's daughter has a knock out, toned up body. I way less than her. I definitely have not reached the knock out, toned up body yet, BUT I am also three inches shorter than her. Height definitely makes a difference with the numbers..

  4. Hey girl. I agree... I had dreams last night about weight and how much I weighed. I was skinny my whole life size zero when I got prego 13 yrs. ago- then I gained 70 lost 40 then slowly I have crept up- I dont know what I weigh- around 160 -I dont own a scale. I am strong ( gymnast frame) but I have layer of flub that haunts me ... I am encouraged because I dont want to go on a weight loss program. I want to get in shape. I hiked Castle Rock this weekend and the whole way up ( its only a mile up and 1.5 down but its serious terrain.) rigourous and I charged it I did not saunter...I kept thinking of you running on a fractured foot- and thought - just get throught this.Thanks your sharing inpired me to go all out! I am just going to keep making choices to move - and refrain. Numbers are just numbers.xo

  5. People just don't understand how it works. One of my best friends is the same height and same weight which is 140. BUT she is a size 2 and I am a size 10. How can that be? As you know muscle weights more so she is about 10% body fat and I am like 25%!!

  6. you are so right about that! beautiful pictures by the way too:)

  7. I just started reading your blog and I just had to comment on this one. When I was maybe 19 I was hanging out with my grandma. My grandma was 5'11" and never weighed over 135 pounds. Including the day she gave birth to a 10lb baby that was my mom. Get the picture? Seriously, this is no joke. I am 5'8". So my grandma turns to me and asks how much I weigh. I am sort of shocked because people don't ask that, but I tell her I weigh 126 lbs. My grandma (who was awesome, seriously I had the best grandma) says to me "you'd better be careful, weight sneaks up on you!" REALLY? REALLY???!!!