Monday, May 17, 2010

Monday- May 17, 2010

Well here we are. Monday. I was dreading this day all week. It was an interesting week. Very busy and very stressful. I was working on cutting sugar out of my diet and found that I replaced the sugar with a whole lot of carbs. Because of my busy week I also ate things with a lot of sodium. I did work out 6 days this week though, so that is definitely good.

I was surprised (pleasantly) by the scale this morning. I will say that normally this amount of weight loss in a week isn't optimal, but I do think it's a little skewed. I think when I weighed in last Monday I was retaining a little water, and losing that water is what is inflating the weight loss this week...

Not complaining, just explaining...

Here it is:

Previous weight: 185.4
Todays weight: 182.0

Total weight loss: 3 pounds!!!!

Have a great week!


  1. Great results!! I stayed the same last week ~ I think it came from lack of exercise really. Ever since I was sick I am finding it harder to get back into my routine. We are on vacation this week so I am hoping I do not blow things out of the water with bad habits. Do you find it harder being off your regular schedule??

  2. Great results, I think you should add biscuits and gravy to your weekly diet :)

  3. Great Job Jetta. When I saw your weight loss ticker I was moves for you... woo hoo- how many people cando this? Not many.