Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A Drug Like no Other

This is my addiction. While it is not as deadly as some other recreational drugs - it is all consuming. It controls me. It impacts me. It has changed me.

My drug is sugar.

Some of you may laugh. Some of you may not understand. Some of you may not be ready to accept that you are also an addict.

This is not a joke.

Look at how much sugar looks like another drug we know of...It rocked my world last night when I realized that a pile of sugar does not look that different from a pile of cocaine.

I need an intervention.

I am beginning to think that sugar is more dangerous. Cocaine is a secret. Sugar is crafty. It disguises itself well in happy treats like ice cream, cotton candy and m&m's. It's in my coffee every morning. It's at my kids birthday parties and weddings and sugar surrounds me at work.

Sugar follows me everywhere.

Sugar might not have the immediate affects that other drugs might have - but in the long run it is deadly, debilitating and all consuming. Trust me... I am consumed.

I need help.

I need counseling - oh wait! I'm already in counseling. Thank God!

I need help.

Will you help me? You might have to be harsh, demanding or flat out mean. I need it. This has to go. It is sabotaging all of my best efforts. I give you permission, to do what is needed. I give you permission to say the hard stuff.

I don't have to like it - but I do need to beat this.


  1. In the 80's My dad read a book called "The Sugar Blues"- It was exactly as you are saying it was shifting the paradigm of the way you view it... it is an insidious thing. The real thing you are trying to accomplish is to level off your serotonin... There are healthy ways to do this...
    ...Your open book will keep you in the light - good job girl.

  2. I hate to say this but- food sucks. Everything everyone else makes has sugar in it. If you want to leave the grid, move into a yurt on a plateau, and grow your own everything- I'd join you just to avoid sugar and it's many forms. I get it. It's not my drug but I get it. I'll bring you some non-sugar things that will rock your world and we'll try to fight this together.

  3. I also was addicted to sugar, and you do feel so much better when you rid it from your diet.I found an all natural substitute that also has a low glycemic index and is very yummy !(agave nectar) hope this may help.

  4. People always said Atkins was crazy... but this is what he was all about. If you can't pick it or kill it, we shouldn't eat it. And to be wary when picking/eating fruit. It's all about the berries! Not that I'm there... but this was his philosophy.

  5. As a fellow addict and your bestie, I feel even more determined than ever to join you in this fight and help you win this battle. You've worked so hard and I'm so very proud of you ... keep it going.