Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Absolute Clarity

There are three days in my life that I can recall with absolute clarity.

1. The day I gave birth to Isaac.

2. The day we picked Hope up.

3. The day I married Chad.

I was so calm that day. I had such a great night. It had been a long year - and now it was time. There was nothing left to do - but breathe and enjoy.

I loved my dress. I still do. The one thing I was worried about was my tendency to break out in hives when I was nervous. There were no hives.

We were 15 when Chad asked me to be his girlfriend. We were 18 when Chad proposed. We were 19 on our wedding day.

I was the only cousin in my family to be blessed with the presence of my Far Far (father's father in Swedish) at my wedding - and Chad and I were both blessed by the fact that Chad's cousin Asa was well enough to be in our wedding. Although Asa went home to be with Jesus a short time later - the pictures of him are treasured for sure!

Would I do anything differently? Sure. But really...why go there? Our story is what it was meant to be. Chad is who God selected for me. He made us match.

While there are only three days that I remember with such clarity and detail - there are few memories I have that don't include Chad.

Happy Anniversary. I love you. Meet me in Maui next year???


  1. Congratulations! It's so awesome to see people do the work to make a wonderful marraige. Times may get tough, but I think they make us better. So happy for you both!

    (Just got to read your "broken record" post... your truth is what makes me feel okay when I feel like a broken record. I know that each day I can be better, but I still fall. Thank you for your inspiration... it comes at all kinds of moments!)

    Happy Tuesday to you!


  2. Happy Belated Anniversary.What a beautiful loving post...