Tuesday, June 8, 2010


My family and I went camping this last weekend. Those of you that know me - know that I am not much of a camper. I did not grow up camping. I grew up resorting. I am making an effort to camp because my husband LOVES it and because I want my kids to have both experiences.

So we loaded up on Friday... I swear - it looked like we were moving out! We traveled over the mountains to one of my all time favorite places - Lake Chelan. We were blessed with wonderful friends and beautiful weather. We had such a great time. To be honest - I am totally excited for our next camping trip. I can't believe it!

The only thing that put a damper on our fabulous camping trip is the unpacking, cleaning and seemingly endless piles of laundry that now have to be done. EVERYTHING is dirty. Even if you never wore it. You have to wash it all.

Can you imagine having a laundry room like the one in the picture? That would be so fabulous! I would be so efficient. What a dream...

In all of the chaos of unpacking, cleaning and trying to get ready for another week - I totally forgot to weigh in Monday morning. Oops! I will weigh in this next Monday... I promise. It's probably better... not sure that s'mores are on any weight loss plan!


  1. I might like laundry if I had a room like that! :)

  2. I think laundry is one of the worst...at least for me...I can never keep it up...but that room...i think it would be inspiring to possible *enjoy* it:)