Thursday, June 10, 2010

the vintage pearl

I am borrowing the pictures in this post from the web site I am about to plug...the vintage pearl.
I try to keep my recommendations to a minimum. I think so far I have recommended ice cream and counseling. That's hilarious! Oh, and a Bodybugg...huh.

Anyway, for Mother's Day my hubby got me a gift certificate to the vintage pearl so that I could design my own necklace. I have waited (almost) patiently for it to arrive... it came in yesterdays mail. I don't have a camera with me and my cell phone camera did not do the necklace justice. I love my new necklace. I put it on immediately. It is replacing my diamond necklace - that's how much I love it.

Besides having an amazing product - I want to just say that the customer service is just as good as what they sell. I sent an email checking on my order (I said I was almost patient) and they were so timely and sweet in response. The necklace shipped right when it was supposed to and was adorably packaged.

Check them won't be sorry!!!

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  1. I saw this company on another blog a while ago and have been to their site many times tempted to buy many things! I love their stuff too. Glad to hear you got great service, I may just get something after all!