Sunday, June 20, 2010

girl time heals the heart

In case you haven't noticed - by the extreme lack of anything worth writing about - I have been in somewhat of a funk lately. I am not really sure if it's the weight loss thing, the lack of sun, stress of work. Maybe all of the above. Anyway, I had the opportunity to spend an evening with 3 of my favorite people and let me tell you - it has renewed my strength. Brought back my determination.

These 3 women A-M-A-Z-E me. Here's why:

Kristin (the bombshell in the yellow dress): is a fairly new friend of mine, but let me tell you - I LOVE this girl. We sat down to dinner, and she wasted no time calling me on my crap. Now THAT's my kind of girl! I like women who are strong and honest and call it as they see it. Man did I need that! She put me in my place, but I know she loves me to pieces. Everyone needs someone like that in their life.

Debbie (the adorable gal with the contagious smile): is my quiet strength. She doesn't say much, except when it matters. I really respect that. When Debbie speaks, you listen because you know it matters. She is my fan 100% of the time, and I never worry about that. She is dependable, patient, brave and probably one of the strongest women I have ever met.

Alyssa (the amazing woman I lean on): Literally. I don't even know what to say about Alyssa without crying. Everything about Alyssa is comfortable. Two of my favorite memories with her involve taking naps. That speaks volumes.

If my sister had been here - the night would have been perfect.

The time with my friends was just what I needed. I think most women already know, that girl time heals the heart. It is truly restoring. Especially when you are blessed with gals who really "get" you. These ladies get me. They know me - they know my crap and they still love me. Now THAT is amazing!

Thanks ladies. I love you!


  1. There's nothing like friendship like that!

    Hope you're weekend has been wonderful!


  2. what a lovely group of friends

  3. You're so fortunate to have friends like this. Congrats on being de-funk-ed!

  4. You've never written anything more true than that! Amen to good girlfriends and I truely think some of our soulmates are reserved for girlfriends.... glad you're back, baby!

  5. Girl time is essential, especially for mommas! I am in need of that myself, big time! I am also praying for God to bring some or a really good girlfriend into my life that I can go through this season with. I am on the journey to getting myself back to health. I am doing my first Triathlon, (Seattle Danskin) on the 15th and I am very nervous & excited at the same time!

    I just want you to know, I have been following your blog for a few months & it is so down to earth & inspiring! I really enjoy getting one it every week or so & seeing your new thoughts & adventures! Keep it up! There are people out there reading it!

    Take care & keep bloggin & keepin it real! ;)