Monday, April 5, 2010

Everything has a place...

and for that matter - every person has a place. We are surrounded by people almost every minute of our day. Those people have, no matter how large or small, an impact on our world. Something I have been thinking about alot lately - is whether or not I have the right people in their proper place. Honestly, the only people who I think have remained consistently where they belong, is my kiddos. Their significance, and impact has always been substantial.
It's easy to allow friends, co-workers, acquaintances (insert various relationships here...) to steal one of those coveted top spots. While I do believe that people are put in our world for a reason, I am realizing how important it is to place those people around me in relation to where "my people" already are. Does this make any sense? The people with influence should be in layers of sorts. For instance, my inner layer - the people closest to me - should really only be Jesus, Chad, Isaac and Hope. Everyone else - should function secondary to them.
The other element to this confusing thought of mine, is how important it is to not try to put someone else in a spot that should be otherwise occupied by someone else. For me, a good example of this would be my relationship with my mom and my mother-in-law. My relationship with my mom has always been a struggle. When I married Chad, it was so easy to allow my mother-in-law to fill the place that was meant for my mom. Now don't get me wrong - my mother-in-law is one amazing woman - but trying to make her fit in my moms spot, will ultimately fail for everyone. The best thing I can do, now that I have realized this, is to accept my relationship with both women - as challenging as they may be - and just let them be. Forcing something that isn't is like trying to put a square puzzle piece into a spot meant for a circle.
Eliminate the confusion. Acknowledge your people - and learn from them. God hand picked them just for you. It may be easier said than done - but something tells me that once it's done - things will be alot easier.


  1. You have written a very good thoughtful blog. I believe that everyone that comes across our path completes our life or changes our path. It is almost like it is meant to be. I don't think there is a proper place for putting people in or life, it is just the way it is. Also, what a beautiful family picture.

  2. Love your family's beautiful!!! and yes our family and definitely God should be first!

  3. So very true. Love your picture.

  4. You ARE beautiful and I love the fact that you've grown so much, knowing the process is painful yet rewarding ... the Refiner's Fire ... love you.

    ~ A

  5. I really appreciate this a lot!Well written!Thank you- much needed.