Sunday, April 25, 2010

I Would Die for You...

I love this song. I heard it for the first time on my ipod at the gym. I wanted to skip over it at first, because it doesn't really have the pep I like to hear to help me through my run - but something stopped me, and I ended up listening over and over and over...

I love this picture. It haunts me... So many things, so many emotions...

I Would Die for You
by Mercyme

And I know that I can find You here
'Cause You promised me You'll always be there
Times like these, it's hard to see
But somehow I have a peace, You're near
And I pray that You will use my life
In whatever way Your name is glorified
Even if surrendering
Means leaving everything behind

My life has never been this clear
Now I know the reason why I'm here
You never know why You're alive
Until you know what you would die for
I would die for You

And I know I don't have much to give
But I promise You I will give You all there is
Can I possibly do less
When through Your own death I live?

No greater love is found
Than of those who lay their own lives down
As sure as I live and breathe
Now I know what it means to be free


  1. Thanks Jetta. Your finding you is for many more!xo

  2. Your not going to believe this girl! I was here early this morning (or was it yestersday?lol) than I see you visited me at my Sacrificial Diet blog. You blessed me girl. Awesome on the weight release. Yes, I'm following you too..

    I do actually post more at my Free Spirit Haven blog. I'm there usually each day.


  3. I could not email you back because it stated non reply back so I came here to sent you what I wrote:

    I would be honored Jetta if you put me on your blog list. I'm SO feeling the love girl,lol. You made my day.

    I'm having a really hard time right now with my weight release journey. It seems like I'm back in bondage to gluttony that I had been set free from for 4 years now..and I here I am, just struggling more so than ever before. I am at a loss to what is happening, why I'm struggling so much, why am I running to food again. So, like you, yes, it would be a blessing to have you on this journey.

    I AM not meant to be filled with this addiction to food. I am meant to live an abundant life. I'm fighting off the fear of gaining weight back because of this struggle, and I'm fighting the depression that sets in when I fail and eat when I am not hungry.

    So I could use the support and prayers right now. Something is up and I need to figure out what is happening within me.

    blessings. I'm so thankful to God for leading our paths together. Isn't it so cool that I was at your blog the other day and here you came to


  4. I just added this to my play list at my blog!