Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Food Ideas

I have had some more requests for ideas of what to eat when trying to lose weight. I am currently trying to get back in the habit of tracking every little thing I put in my mouth. It's a habit I got out of - but I am reminded what a valuable tool it is for holding myself accountable. Here is what I am eating this week:

6:00 am
coffee with cream
egg whites with pico de gallo
whole wheat english muffin with strawberry preserves

9:00 am
greek yogurt with raspberries ( I LOVE greek yogurt! Super high in protein!!!)

12:00 pm
1/2 cup brown rice, 4 ounces PLAIN chicken breast, asparagus

3:00 pm
sugar free jell-o, apple

6:00 pm
1/2 cup brown rice, 4 ounces tilapia (seasoned with lemon), large handful of green beans

9:00 pm
sugar free popsicle(s)

The sugar free jell-o and popsicles are a new addition to my menu. My trainer has given me permission to basically eat as many of these as I need to satisfy my sweet tooth. The jell-o only has 10 calories per little cup and the popsicles only have 15. WAY better than any candy - no matter how low cal they say they are!


  1. Greek yogurt is my new addiction. It sucks that it costs $1.29 per little cup but I am totally in LOVE with it.
    I have some killer recipes I'll email to you. Healthy food can be so fun!

  2. Thanks- Love this and will try it!

  3. Thanks for sharing... I love greek yogurt as well! I need something sweet, so I'll try the jello :)

  4. I'm huge on the popsicles during the summer months when I want to eat something in the evening. I find this curbs the desire to eat just to eat!