Thursday, April 1, 2010

Fueled by Frustration

Last Friday I was having a particularly frustrating day. Nothing specific really, just basically I was lame. It was one of those days that I probably should have just gone back to bed after the first few mishaps. Ever have one of those days?
It wasn't a particularly good food day either. On my way to work I had to stop and get donuts for the birthdays in my group. At lunch I ran errands with a co-worker and we ended up at Dick's Drive In for lunch - and I already knew that I was having a girls night at The Melting Pot. Holy Cow!

After lunch, I continued to get more and more frustrated by my seemly endless stupidity. Seriously? How did I manage to ever land a job??? As I was frustrated, I realized that the frustration fuels my need to eat. I am happy that I noticed it because I was able to take a second and analyze it. I knew I wasn't hungry because I had basically just finished lunch. I also knew that I wasn't craving anything in particular. What my frustration made me want to do, was the actual motion of putting food in my mouth. I wanted a little pile of something that I could continuously pop into my mouth. I wanted the pile of little somethings to be never ending AND yummy although I really didn't care if it was salty or sweet ( I am typically a sweet person myself.)

Fortunately, I didn't have anything. I popped a piece of gum and tried to get back to the business of being lame. I haven't stopped thinking about what appears to be my way of self-soothing myself. Obviously, I have spent years comforting myself with food. This has to end. Food isn't meant to comfort me. Temporary lameness does not mean I need to consume hundreds of extra calories. Now...if I could just find something I can do instead of eating when I have that urge.

Any ideas???


  1. Jetta,
    I don't have any fabulous suggestions. Only a since of deep understanding. I was just telling Kathy how I spent Monday in an emotional eating binge. It was depressing, and I knew it was emotional, and I felt horrible about it... yet I didn't stop myself. That self-soothing eating is a habit that has to be fought everytime life doesn't seem to be "just right". So I encourage you! Stay strong. You will work it through... and stock up on that gum!!!!

  2. That's the hardest part! You have to replace one emotional tick with another.... I think the gum was a good start- maybe add a glass of water to sip on (hot or cold). Also- I just noticed that you have 100 followers! Congrats!!!

  3. Jetta-like any counselor will tell you, the first step to change is recognition of the problem....secondly, remember that change is a continuous journey. You recognized what the problem was that day, and you made the necessary corrections, so for that I say great job and I'm proud of you.

    Now here's my idea: Don't be so hard on yourself. This whole journey that you're on will last a life make it fun. As you and I have discussed, maintining your health doesn't ever end. I'm convinced that people like you and I who go through such major physical changes will also have the emotional ups and downs from time to time as a side affect. Don't ever forget that each day your making progress...and seeing how far you've come...well you definetly deserve a pat on the back.

    Also-I have found that if I keep a bottle of water around in stressful times, it does help supress the appitite. Just my 2 cents.

  4. I like your background music!
    My husband plays this at our prayer group and somehow combines "How Great thou Art" with it...
    It's beautiful

    hey thanks for the compliment on my photos!
    I love this new found art...I mean I've taken pictures all my life...but not like I do now!

    and forgive me for intruding...
    AND not that he is my favorite guy at all
    but I read Dr. Phil's Ultimate Weight Solutions
    and it made such sense to me!?!
    and not much I've read does!??