Thursday, February 18, 2010

A Phenomenal Friend

Through this entire weight loss journey, I have some how managed to gain one of life's most amazing gifts. My friend Debbie. I met Debbie through Dan - we both train with him. Let me just say, that from the beginning she has showed herself to be a truly selfless friend. We all experience people like Debbie, we might not always realize it. They give of themselves in ways that are sometime so subtle that we might not even notice, but when we look back on our time with them, we realize that they were always there.
Recently, Debbie and I started sharing our training sessions. Dan has commented on our competitiveness and the motivation that provides, but I am here to say that the reality is that Debbie is tougher than me ANY DAY OF THE WEEK.
At last nights training session Debbie brought me two gifts. A key chain that says "Every step of the journey IS the journey" and a bracelet that says "The biggest risk in life is the risk we don't take." The gifts were thoughtful (I have had a horrible week)but more than that, the gifts were powerful. They are powerful because the are exactly right and the truth of the matter is that I forget. I forget that being in the journey means that I haven't given up. I haven't quit and I haven't thrown in the towel. Being in the journey means that every morning I get either a continuation or a do-over, whichever I need that day.
I also forget, that being afraid is NEVER productive. It never will be. The victory comes when you take the risk. When you step out and try. That every breath I take, is a chance to succeed. The reality is, I forget that I am worth it.
Since I forget, God has given me Debbie. She seems to think I'm worth it and I have noticed.


  1. What a bleesing to have Debbie in your life. I'm sure you give back to her in the same manor.

  2. Debbie was my roommate in college. I agree with you, she is an amazing person!