Friday, February 5, 2010

Something I Do Know

I have written about all of the things I don't know about myself. Without a doubt there is something I do know. I do know that I LOVE being the mom of these two kids. They are my ABSOLUTE joy. The entire reason I am doing any of this. The reason I do anything really.
I can't wait to tell you more about them. Their stories are so miraculous that they really require their own post. I faught for these kids. The coolest part of their
stories is that I can look back on my journey to the time and place that God chose to give them to me, and I can understand all of the obstacles that brought me there. God doesn't always reveal the specifics of the journey. But with these kids - He showed me every step and how it was the ultimate preparation.
Isaac and Hope are the reason it was time to get healthy. They are the perfect age to learn about good eating and exercise. They are watching me. Everything I do. They still care and I still have a chance to fix what they were seeing.
It has been fun to watch. Isaac became very interested in calories and what they are and how they work in our bodies. Hope LOVES to do sit-ups with me and always talks about how certain foods will make her strong. Both kids can't wait to watch me run the marathon in June.
As a mom, there are so many things we need to teach our kids. Different lessons come easier for each of us. This isn't our job, it is our privelage. We need to take it seriously and remember that every day counts; every lesson matters. It's easy to forgot sometimes, but important to grasp. Let this be your motivation for starting.

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  1. cutie, patooties!!
    You're right...once we decide to let the 'little ones' into our lives EVERYTHING matters!