Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Spa Robe

I used to go to the spa all the time. It was sort of my thing. The one way I was able to shut my brain off and relax. I would spend the entire day there and enjoy a myriad of services. I am pretty sure that must be what Heaven is like. If you haven't done it - you should try it.

That was a long time ago. That was before my son was born, before we adopted my daughter. That was before I had to go back to work full time...really, that was before the luxury of "free time" and "disposable income" vanished.

Last night, one of my "favorites" Alyssa took me to Oasis Spa, in Woodinville. Beautiful place! We were each getting pedicures and a massage. I was so excited! My massage was first, so the hostess took me into the dressing room, where I was faced with something I had totally forgotten about.

The spa robe...

Now, I realize this shouldn't be scary - but all of sudden I realized that all of the other times I went to the spa, I had to request a larger robe. They would graciously bring me a large and an extra large, both of which would be too small. As a last resort they would apologize and bring me a mens robe.
So hear I am, staring at the spa robe and I check the tag, and sure enough it's a medium. So I stare at it a little longer. What do I do??? Should I get redressed and go ask for a bigger size?

I am fairly certain you can see where this story is going...the robe fit. I was amazed. As is customary at this point - I stood there an cried. I felt like running around and telling everyone in the spa that the robe fit - but I maintained my dignity and just sobbed quietly by myself. Then I went and enjoyed my victory massage.


  1. I love these moments. I'm having a few of them myself. But not as many as I would like. Thanks for encouraging us!

  2. Oh, I'm crying too... that is awesome!

    I'm hoping for some moments like this...

    Thanks for sharing so openly,


  3. Jetta, I totally remember you from swimming when we were younger! I am enjoying your blog!!!

  4. Jetta, your a meduim now, and you've worked so hard fot it!!! I can't wait to have moments like that :)

  5. And don't forget, the robe was actually TOO BIG for your tiny body!!! I LOVE YOU!!!

    xo A