Monday, January 4, 2010

I am more than surprised...

that I am even doing this. The idea of starting a blog of my own - clearly isn't original. My cousin Lissa has an amazing blog that I look forward to reading daily. I have been inspired by her. More recently though, the number of emails I recieve on a daily basis regarding my weight loss has grown by leaps and bounds. Over 100 emails in the last 3 days... apparently a normal, overweight girl with a facebook page can "inspire" many. Who knew??? I certainly would never consider myself inspirational.
There is no way I can possibly respond to all of the emails personally - not the way each of you deserve, so this blog will hopefully give you an inside look at my journey. I can't promise that the entires will always be peppy and upbeat. I do my best every day. But to be honest, the demons that contribute to emotional over-eating are painful, and I have hard days. I have days that I would rather stay in bed and consume an entire gallon of Tillamook Chocolate Peanut Butter ice cream, than do anything else. I have days when the actual sight of myself in the mirror is enough to make my stomach hurt. The thing is, that I also have days when I can look at that SAME person, in that SAME mirror and see that there is someone beautiful and strong staring back. That there is someone who adds value to the people who are in her life. I am starting to see the beautiful and strong person more often. I like that.

To be perfectly honest... I am overwhelmed that anyone even cares... so my first blog entires may be a little rough. I am going to have to have Lissa help me make this a "cute" blog...but that will take time. Also, I am completely FREAKED OUT! This scares me! I hope you will be patient with me - and I hope I can help....

Good night for now....


  1. *eyes welling up with tears* I love you my friend ...

  2. Jetta - You are so brave!!! God is with you girl...good job! I'm excited to read about your journey. :-)

  3. Jetta,
    You are and always have been an amazing person. You deserve all the happiness you can get - especially from yourself. I love you!


  4. I"m so proud of you jetta! Anyone that loses that much weight is a TOTAL inspiration!

  5. I knew you would do it!! Did you know you are a very determined young woman? Now I just have to get used to this new person that I don't hardly recognize when she walks up my front walk. She is beautiful & s-k-i-n-n-y!!!

    I am so-o-o-o-o proud of you & ALL of your accomplishments!! I think you already know this. . .but I have been praying for you since the beginning. God is an amazing God & so faithfull!! There can only be good things in the future. Love you heaps. . .Momma Laine

  6. Jetta, just found you from Lissa's post! Way to go, I'm so inspired and can't wait to share in your journey.

    You will love blogging and the beautiful women you will meet!

  7. The fact that you mentioned Tillamook Peanut Butter and Chocolate ice cream has just made us new best friends here in bloggy land. I love getting that tub of deliciousness out of the freezer and systematically eating the ribbons of peanut butter out of it. Okay, I need to stop, take a moment to breath, man I love that stuff. Okay all things in moderation right? So happy to have found you out here in blog land.

  8. I found you through Lissa and I'm thrilled.
    I just began my journey on January 4th. My name is Suzann and I look forward to getting to know you better through your blog.