Wednesday, January 27, 2010

One Tough Cookie.

Monday I had a horrible day and now that the wedding is over, I can feel myself slipping just a little bit. That freaks me out so much because I know that "just a little" is the beginning of the complacency that will eventually take me down a road I am not interested in traveling again.

I am not a super model. I am not naturally skinny. The weight I have lost and the body I hope to end this journey with is a product of sheer determination. I have worked SO hard to get where I am now. I have logged hundreds of hours at the gym. I have done thousands of crunches and lunges and squats. The work I have done up until now - would be lost if I quit.

A friend of mine told me once, that she works out so that she can eat the crappy food every once in a while. This friend is not overweight. Maybe when I am done, I will have that luxury, but as someone who has weight to lose and who is a food addict, exercise is not a pass that allows me to eat a cupcake. Because I am an addict, I would eat many cupcakes! Exercise is a necessity. Smart food choices and portion control challenge me daily, but they are not optional.

Now that the wedding is over, it is time to set my eyes on my next goal. It's time to get focused and finish what I have started. It's time to run more miles, and do more crunches.

It's time to be a tough cookie...not eat cookies.


  1. I know exacxtly how you are feeling. All of the planning, craziness & excitement are now at a different level & it's hard to adjust to that slower level.

    I have been in a funk since Mon & all I can do is relax in it & try to adjust. I agree with you that you should set another goal. Talk with Chad & see if the two of you can come up with something worth working towards. It think it would help to make Chad a part of it.

    Love you & praying for you! Momma Laine

  2. rock n roll!!

    rock n roll!!!

    let's do it!

  3. Chad and I did start another weight loss competition since that seems to be the best way to motivate him. It ends April 14th. We are both so competitve so this could get interesting. Chad has started coming to spin class with me - which I love!!!

    Lissa, you gonna do the full with me???

  4. Sorry you had a rough day Monday. Hang in there. It sounds like getting reinspired! :)

  5. Some days are more difficult than others.
    Some days you can only focus on the next hour.
    As a fellow food addict, I completely understand.