Thursday, January 7, 2010

Someone once asked me...

"What did you give up to have such great results?"

Now, I know she meant what foods... did I give up chocolate, wine, pizza? I thought about it before I replied. My answer??? "My social life."

You see, a mission like this doesn't leave much free time. We found a gym with a kids room that my kids loved because they are there almost every night. Working out almost HAD to happen everyday, because if I took a day off I was afraid I would get out of the habit.

Bigger then the time commitment is that fact that food was (is) my addiction. I didn't trust myself to go to a party, or Bunco, or whatever because I did not have the ability to refrain from stuffing my face. Because of this, especially in the beginning, I pulled back from just about everything social. It was hard, I am a social person and boy did I miss my friends. Fortunately, I am blessed, and while they didn't love it, they did love me.

As time goes on, I am slowly adding back in the things I have missed. All of my friends know what I have accomplished, and they are supportive. In most cases, the fact that I couldn't eat the junk food prevented it from even being served - which really is best for everyone.

Ultimately, what it comes down to, is you have to set yourself up to succeed. This doesn't have to be torture and torment - the reduced calories will be hard enough! Eliminate the things that cause you to struggle. They really have no business being there.

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