Saturday, January 30, 2010

#6 and #7

It is easy to get excited as the pounds start coming off. When you can see the rewards for you time at the gym and your healthy food choices. Nothing feels better than getting on the scale and seeing the numbers get smaller. Equally, nothing is more devastating than working just as hard and seeing no change or worse, a slight increase. My advice??? Don't weigh yourself everyday! I wouldn't even recommend weekly weigh in's. I would recommend you weigh in on a monthly basis. Even my trainer only weighs and measures me once a month. Not only are you more likely to see results that make you happy, but a daily or weekly weigh in really isn't an accurate measurement. The change in your size is a much more accurate way to gage what is happening with your body. It's important to feel proud of what you have accomplished. The change your body is making won't always match with what the scale says. Rejoice in your smaller size!!! Eventually the scale will catch up.
PS. I am still working on this...
I highly recommend having gum on hand at all times. So many of us eat out of boredom. Those calories are such a waste! If you want to splurge, save those calories for something you really LOVE eating - for me that's chocolate. Don't use up your calories because you are bored. Chew gum instead. It keeps your mouth busy, and if you pick the right kind, it can make you feel like you are having a little piece of candy. My current favorite is Orbit Mist - Watermelon Spring. It reminds me of a watermelon Jolly Rancher. It's perfect when I am craving something sweet.


  1. That gum is really good!

    I know just what you are saying. I'm trying to get lean. I have a goal to look good naked. I am really close to my ideal weight, so every pound is extremely hard to lose.

    I have struggled for the last week and a half to lose 1 pound and over the weekend I gained it back. I was so discouraged I felt like giving in...but didn't. Weighed again this morning and lost that pound and another to boot...YAY!

    I do think it's best not to weigh too often. Women fluctuate daily with hormones and water weight and it can seriously derail your progress. Just keep being consistent...don't give up and the results WILL come. Thanks for your wonderful blog. I find it so encouraging:)

  2. Yay for you!!! Hormones really do a number on our bodies don't they? Sometimes it seems really just not fair!