Wednesday, January 6, 2010

My first recommendation.

When I started on my mission to lose weight, I knew nothing. I wasn't sure how I was going to accomplish this gigantic goal. I didn't really know anyone who had accomplished something similar, so I was basically winging it. There are a few things I know now, that I wish I had known from the beginning. I have made my "top 10" list which I will share over a series of posts.

#1. Invest in a bodybugg. This are such a valuable tool. In case you don't know, a bodybugg is a devise that you place around the upper part of your arm. It monitors the number calories you burn in a day. You can find the bodybugg at any 24 Hour Fitness location, at or I have heard that they are currently available at Costco. You can also buy the bodybugg used - probably check out Craigslist.

The bodybugg is about $200.00 and there is a month fee of $6.95 (I think...) so that you can download your calories at the end of the day. In conjunction with the food journal available on - you will be able to see EXACTLY how you did for the day. The bodybugg takes the mystery out of your entire diet. You either burned enough calories or you didn't. Plain and simple.

This journey is going to be HARD. The bodybugg is one way to make it easier on yourself.

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  1. I have just recently heard about these. I can't afford to get one right now, but it is on my wish list. I'm exited that you've had such great results with it.