Monday, January 25, 2010

It's been quite a journey.... (a note from Alyssa)

My Dearest Jetta,

Since I met you almost two years ago, I’ve gone through a wide range of emotions as our relationship has blossomed and we’ve become the closest of friends. Initially I was very intimidated by such a smart, beautiful woman (yes, you always have been beautiful to me) who seemed so confident and sure of herself and very “black and white” – all things that I do not feel define me. If I had only known how much you were hurting … Additionally, I feared that my insecurities, lack of organization and spontaneity were sure to ruin things for us (and they almost did), that your amazing ability to be disciplined and productive were ways for me to see how I continue to fail … But God was actually showing me things that I never imagined I needed to see. He’s been opening my eyes to how He’s been using you – the beautiful, incredible you – to heal my heart from so many wounds. Despite some very difficult circumstances and choices we both had to make, we chose to remain friends and grow closer than ever. I needed you, I have been challenged, and I’ve found a forever friend. For this and so much more, I am eternally grateful.

When you started this journey into yourself, into the deepest parts of your hurts and fears, I was excited for you but I had no idea what a big deal it was. To learn how much you’ve had to grow and set your flesh aside (literally while it melts off, I might add!) has truly been amazing. I remember when you won the first “Biggest Loser” contest with your family – winning that money was just the beginning. Your fighting and competitive spirit was not to be reckoned with, and strengths which I’ve never really had – and I truly admire. You have been determined to eat better, exercise hard and lose that damn weight. You’ve been focused, driven, humbled, challenged, fearful, joyful, sad, brave and most of all VICTORIOUS. I am not kidding when I say how proud and in awe I am when I look at the Jetta I see now, the woman who no longer needs to feel fat, but can hopefully look in the mirror and just smile knowing she is FEARFULLY and WONDERFULLY MADE!!

I loved that blog post about recognizing that you are fearfully and wonderfully made because it shows so much of who you are NOW versus who you started out as. Many people will comment on the gorgeous girl you are – because you’ve always been that girl, you just never saw her before now, she’s just finally showing herself to you!! Some will know your whole story, others will get to know you as they follow along on your blog. But regardless of how or when we’ve come to know you, the inspiration you are sharing is infectious and will sow seeds into many lives to aid in healing and restoration that you cannot even fathom. Watching you throughout this year, I can say that it’s been quite a process. But I think many would agree that it’s been worth it; you are better than ever, becoming the girl God has created you to be, getting better every day.

Sometimes words aren’t enough and so here are some of my favorite pics from Saturday – the joy I see in your beautiful face is priceless. This joy is a product of your hard work and determination to get better and rediscover Jetta. I treasure you and our precious friendship, knowing that God has brought us together at the perfect time, knowing how much we need each other and to hang on for life.

I love you.


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